Hi there and welcome!

My name is Mélina Froidure and I a French graduate in International Humanitarian Action. Passionate about conflict transformation and human rights advocacy, I would like to share my reflections and inspirations about such issues.

I am also extremely interested in journalism and I wish to become a reporter, one day! One year after finishing my internship with Swiss independent newspaper Le Courrier, I have decided to start writing again. With this blog, I would like to explore different kinds of content and improve my writing skills. I see Ninaniosniente as a space of experimentation and idea sharing.

Why Nina?

On top being my favourite name in the entire world, Nina designates the alter ego I imagined when I was 1o. Nina was doing all the things I was to shy to try out.

Why niños?

This is a tribute to the inspiring Spanish-speaking persons whose paths have crossed mine in the past years. Shout out to the feminist collective Red de tamboreras based in Geneva. What is more, a high-level of respect of the rights of children (niños) is a strong indicator of sustainable peace.

Why niente?

« Niente » means « nothing » in my favourite language (Italian). This is a reminder me that I know very little, and that I should keep on reading, questioning, listening. « Niente » further brings up the question of positionality. Who am I with regards to a specific person or topic? What are the power-dynamics at stake? What are the implications of me writing about a specific-issue? How can I work with people in co-construction?

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