September reflections: on humanitarian action – and other political stuff

© Hugo Mapelli

« Sensitivity to the importance of different religions, also in legal decision-making, will help the international community to keep its balance on the tightrope between bigotry and indifference. »
International Review of the Cross, 2005

10 millions de morts.
Quatre mots sur une page blanche.
Combien de litres de sang?

« Seules les montagnes sont nos amies. »
Proverbe kurde

« The jungle is our only home », said a Karen woman, seeking refuge on the Thai side of the Salween river after the Tatmadaw had been shelling her area of origin.

Nation-building projects come far too often at the expenses of Indigenous Peoples and so-called ethnic minorities.

Kenya: what went wrong in 2007?
« Blaming the violence merely on blind tribalism is too simple. True, the historic, social and economic divides between ethnic groups in this country did contribute to the brutality, but long-running frustration and disenchantment with political leadership undeniably played its part as well. »
James Brownwell for Al Jazeera, 2013

« While strengthening civil groups may contribute to the process of conflict resolution, it is clearly not a problem of weak capacity which leads to highly organized acts of genocide and killing […]. The problem of conflict is as much how to confront the politically powerful as how to empower the politically marginalized. »
Anderson, The death of humanitarianism

« Quand l’espace urbain se couvre de couleurs, l’esprit des gens s’anime et cela peut aider à réduire la violence. »

Le problème, ce n’est pas la technique. C’est le transfert du sacré vers la technique. 
Roland Gori

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