Reflections on peace, justice and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

« Ubuntu recognizes care as an ‘everyday practice’ of life – an experiment to introduce a caring jurisprudence within the limits of the law. » (Gam A. Shimray)

« The representative of the World’s first League of Peace received no welcome from the world’s newest. » (Niezen, 2003, p. 35)

« And it can take years, perhaps centuries of non-revolutionary struggle before the high principles of a founding document match with any consistency the lived reality of the people to whom it is meant to apply. » (Niezen, 2003, p. 37)

« Any viable concept of peace […] must not displace indigenous legitimacy with the preponderant constitutions that are inflexible and actually obscure the Indigenous. » (Ikuo Yakushi)

« Cultures of peace can survive in small pockets and spaces even in the most violent of conflicts. » (Conflicts of Interest Podcast)

« We need to understand not only the politics of conflict but the deeper spiritual and philosophical sources of wisdom which would favour peace. »

« We have to deal with the past in order to clear ground in the present for the building of a shared future. » (Jean Paul Lederach)

« Should peace be sought at any price to end the bloodshed even if power-sharing arrangements fail to uphold basic human rights and democratic principles? Or should the objective be a democratic peace that respects human rights, a goal that might prolong the fighting and risk more atrocities in the time that it takes to reach a negotiated solution? » (Rambotham, Miall & Woodhouse, 2016)

« We are the victims of men who think they are right. » (Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence)

« There was nothing wrong about the coup. There was nothing right about it either. »

« If the heart of a state festers, the society will lapse too. » (Susanna Luthi for Politico)

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