November thoughts

The same faces, the same places,
The same lenses.
Do not deprive people of their agency.

And I tend to disappear,
Letting time slip through my fingers.
Yet I always resurface,
Remembering that I should no more
Indulge in victimhood.

How do you let go without getting lost?

Hey, did you know that:
The police is purposely molesting immigrants?

Dans le Luas, un homme qui pleure
De froid.
Homelessness everywhere,
Life in a plastic bag.

Crack pipes in your face,
Jamais n’avais-je vu
De visages si émaciés.

Drizzling is impacting light patterns
In a prismatic way,

Leaving people
In disarray

In the midst of
Urban decay.

Connections are ephemeral,
Everything is temporary.

Mitsuo Katsui, Limits to growth, 2012

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