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Fragments détachés

Il quitte la pièce avec une élégance folle. Passe alors un homme distraitportant un morceau de ciel. In the playfulness of a luscious treeRayures et bleu de gris Rainy day grooves – échappées psychédéliques La fenêtre ouverte les voix les embruns de la joie d’en bas Erik – une comédie tragique en trois actes DesLire la suite « Fragments détachés »

Digital rights in South-East Asia: a few trends, briefly

Cyberspace – and the digital realm more specifically – is emerging as one of the key spaces in which human rights are at jeopardy globally (Manushya Foundation, 2022). Southeast-Asia makes no exception to the rule. Digital rights, far from being fulfilled in the region, can be considered as facing severe threats. With rising levels ofLire la suite « Digital rights in South-East Asia: a few trends, briefly »

Stitches for Sapmi

Oh Sverige,how cruel are you,once your coated perfection crackles? What have you done to your Arctic peoples?Can’t you hear how,in the holylands of Sapmilanguages disappearastride the bellowingof starving reindeers? To utmost individualismthey have opposedinterwoven-nessin ecocentric worldviews I urge us allto extinguish the city of lights,only to reviveunderworldings and the realm of Saivu

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